Balticon 20

(Don - 39th)(Thomas - 24th)

1986: 28-30 March

Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD

GOH: Nancy Springer
Art GOH: Vicki Wyman
Music GOH: Leslie Fish
Fan GOH: Patrick J. Kelly, Jr.

Balticon returned briefly to the Hyatt, and it was a rather enjoyable con . . . although Don rather chafed at not receiving a free membership for the umpteenth time in a row.

Don was on three panels: a Friday-night special called "War in Space" which was dominated by Chris and Janet Morris; a Saturday morning "Dinosaurs and Reptilians in SF" which was somewhat better; and Sunday's "Is the Mundane Mass SF Market Hurting Literary SF," about which (mercifully) nothing remains in Don's memory.

This was the Balticon during which Thomas had to work all day Saturday, thus missing a large part of the con. Don wandered around like a chicken with its legs cut off.

Late in the con, Marty Gear (who was appointed Chair of Balticon 21) invited Don to be a "con-celebrant" (guest) at 21. We believe Don was the first guest signed up for Balticon 21. A free membership at last!

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