UniContinuity Party/Unicon 86

(Don - 40th)(Thomas - 27)

1986: 26 July

Church of the Ascension, Silver Spring, MD

Due to hotel problems (the Sheraton threw them out), there was no Unicon 86. Instead, the committee held a large party at a rented church hall in Silver Spring, and invited "the Unicon crowd" to attend. There was no formal programming and no guests. It was a very friendly, very happy one-day relaxacon.

This was "officially" Unicon 86, and the pocket program features such program tracks as Litsy-Artsy Trac (The Lovely Cleaning Supplies Storage Area), Gaming (The Cold, Dark, and Damp Underground Void Room), and Obscure Programming Track (The Historical Second Floor Ladies Lounge). Some of the inspired program items were: "This year's Hugos -- Victor Hugo, Hugo Gernsback, and Hugo Black. Three dead Hugos talk about whatever they want to" and "Saucers of Brandy for the Brownies, Boxcars of Soybeans, and a Magazine Out of Schenectady, NY: Where Writers Get Their Ideas."


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