Balticon 21

(Don - 46th)(Thomas - 33rd)

1987: 17-19 April

Omni International, Baltimore, MD

GOH: Roger Zelazny
Art GOH: Michael Whelan
Publishing GOH: Tom Doherty
Fan GOH: Eva Whitley

The theme of this year's Balticon was "Legal at Last, Won't Mother be Proud?" and the chair was Marty Gear. Unfortunately, it was a pathetic con, and several of the BSFS people made it a non-stop weekend of personal and professional insults to Don. However, it was the first (and last) Balticon at which Don received a complimentary membership.

Nonetheless, when the con was over and Don's letter of complaint went unanswered and unacknowledged, he determined that he was fairly sick of Balticon and certainly wouldn't let them use his name any more.

(As of this writing, exactly 12 years later, BSFS has still not acknowledged Don's letter, nor issued any sort of official apology. Individuals, who were not responsible for the situation, have apologized and offered sympathy -- but the organization itself has never bothered to say "hello," "goodbye," "yes," "no," or "kiss my foot." Since a simple letter of apology would take two minutes to write and a few cents to mail, the only possible conclusion is that BSFS as an organization sanctioned -- and still sanctions -- the behavior of its officials. Why BSFS wanted -- and still wants -- to insult and humiliate him, Don has no idea.)

About the only other thing he remembers is that Art GOH Michael Whelan broke his back some time before the con, and therefore was not able to show up.

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