EveCon 4

(Don - 44th)(Thomas - 31st)

1987: 2-4 January

Crystal City Marriott, Crystal City, VA

GOH: Hal Clement
Art GOH: Jim & Betty Odbert
Science GOH: Richard Preston
Vampire GOH: Marty Gear

The Cedar Grove Movement (Thomas and Don, Lisa and Melissa) were all talked into coming to EveCon by W---, aka "Weird Little W---." The others seemed to have fun, but for Don the con was a total disaster. The car broke down, the same problem (fuel injectors) that had already crippled it several times before. Thomas and Don got it to a garage and then had to walk several miles back to the hotel. Somehow they got home, and Don borrowed his parents' car for the rest of the weekend. He had to work on Saturday, and by the time ge got down to EveCon Saturday night, he was fed up with life in general. So he turned around and came back home.

He did, however, manage to make it to one of his panels and several other program items. The only one that sticks in his mind is a Hal Clement speech on Neptune.

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