Boskone 24

(Don - 45th)

1987: 13-15 February

Sheraton Boston, MA

GOH: C. J. Cherryh
Official Artist: Barclay Shaw
Special Guest: Tom Clareson

Attendance: 4200

A monster Boskone with over 4000 fans in attendance. It became necessary for the con to have gophers running the elevators (being NESFA, they did it in particularly officious fashion.) Don was on two panels, including one on which he met Shariann Lewitt for the first time.

The Cedar Grove Movement bunked together (Thomas was in Baltimore going to ClipperCon). This may be the Boskone at which Lisa and Melissa had a minor tiff -- Don, terrified, hid in the bathroom and felt as if the foundations of the universe had shaken. Fortunately, it was over soon after it had begun.


Left: Lisa A. Barnett in costume at Boskone.


Right: Melissa Scott in costume at Boskone.


 (No matter how much they look it, these are NOT pictures from the Lisa/Melissa tiff mentioned above.)


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