Balticon 22

(Don - 52nd)(Thomas - 42nd)

1988: 1-3 April

Hunt Valley Inn, Cockeysville, MD

GOH: Spider Robinson
Featured Artist: Tom Kidd

Don went to Balticon 22 as "Guest of Thomas Atkinson" and made no secret of his displeasure with BSFS. Sue Who, a costumer friend who was working the Information desk, made a point of calling Don over when the con chair was sitting next to her. Sue asked "Don, I never did get the full story of what happened to you at last Balticon and why you're mad at BSFS." Don therefore got a chance to tell his story in full detail before the chair of Balticon 22 -- who shrugged it all off with an "oh, well, these things happen sometimes." Sue then said, "Well, Don, what do you want BSFS to do?" and Don answered, "I'd be happy just to have someone from BSFS say `I'm sorry.'"

Despite that rather broad hint, the BSFS woman proceeded to make excuses, and never once said "I'm sorry."
Don left completely soured on Balticon.

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