Darkover Grand Council 14

(Don - 78th)(Thomas - 78th)

1991: November 29 - December 1
Holiday Inn, Timonium, MD

GOH: Joan Vinge
Artist GOH: Robin Wood


Joan Vinge was a marvelous Guest of Honor: funny, intelligent, friendly . . . everything a writer should be.

Her husband, editor Jim Frenkel, also came to the con. He and Don and Lisa Barnett were on a Saturday morning panel on editing and editors which Don remembers fondly.

December 1, the World Health Organization's World AIDS Day, was also the third annual Day Without Art -- a response to the AIDS death toll from within the arts, theatrical, design, and literary communities. At Lisa Barnett's urging Darkover participated in the Day Without Art with conspicuous red ribbons throughout the con, and with a special Hour of Silence on Sunday morning. (As Lisa put it in the Program Book, "Those of us attending Darkover are writers, readers, artists, costumers, craftspeople, designers. Let's join together to celebrate the achievements of colleagues and friends, while mourning those already lost to us.")

ABOVE: Deborah Feaster and Thomas in the Masquerade, as a Darkovan Keeper and a Terran meeting.

ABOVE: Don in the Masquerade.

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