Boskone 29

(Don - 79th)(Thomas - 79th)

1992: 14-16 February

Marriott & Sheraton Tara Hotels, Springfield, MA

GOH: Jane Yolen
Official Artist: Jody Lee
Special Guest: Dave Langford

Attendance: 840

With enough money and their warmest clothes, Thomas and Don once again drove to Springfield for Boskone. (For some reason, Don and Thomas did not attend Boskone 28. The exact reason is lost to history, perhaps waiting in some attic box for future archaeologists to discover. We suspect some combination of a. money, b. time, and c. snow.)

The panels at Boskone were particularly good this year. Don was on two excellent ones: "How to Base Your Characters in Reality" with John Barnes, Lisa, Shariann Lewitt, Susan Shwartz, and Joe Haldeman moderating; and "Are Villains Just Misunderstood Heroes" with Bruce Coville, Steven Gould, Shariann, Joan Vinge, and Melissa as moderator. Both panels avoided the superficial answers and became real dialogues between the panel and the audience, as well as among the panelists themselves.

Thomas sat in for Don on a panel called "Instant Costumes," which featured Ann Chancellor, the legendary Suford Lewis, Richard Hill and Laurel Cunningham, and other great names of New England costuming.

The con was not all fodder for name-dropping, however. The Cedar Grove Movement spent much time together, especially in the bar, continuing the general intellectual give-and-take of the con.

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