Darkover Grand Council 15

(Don - 83rd)(Thomas - 83rd)

1992: November 27-29

Holiday Inn, Timonium, MD

GOH: Janet Kagan
Artist GOH: Rillan MacDhai


The Cedar Grove Movement Soiree and Sock Hop, Thomas and Don's annual Friday-night party, was particularly successful this year, largely thanks to GOH Janet Kagan and the multi-talented Julia Ecklar.

Lisa, Melissa, and Don presented a writing workshop at this Darkover. It was called "Creativity 101," and was limited to 12 participants. The goal was to sketch out stories, which the participants would write over the next six months, then polish, so that they could all be published in a fanzine by the next con. Products were not limited to written work -- in fact, it was hoped that participants would create costumes, songs, poetry, artwork, etc.

The workshop itself was a lot of fun, but the followup was disappointing. Despite the fact that everyone left the workshop with a setting, characters, and a rough plot outline, only two participants even sent first drafts of their stories -- and those were absolutely hopeless. Lisa, Melissa, and Don never heard anything from the other participants.

Still, it would be interesting to repeat the experiment with professionals, rather than amateurs.

Don was on two other panels: "Today's Taboos: Changing Mores in SF & Fantasy" (with MZB, Julia Ecklar, and Katherine Kurtz, moderated by Carl Cipra) and "Sequels, or 'No, Not More About...'" (with MZB, Janet Kagan, Katherine Kurtz, and Jacqueline Lichtenberg, which he moderated himself).

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