Boskone 30

(Don - 84th)(Thomas - 84th)

1993: 19-21 February

Sheraton Tara Hotel, Framingham, MA

GOH: Joe Haldeman
Official Artist: Tom Kidd
Special Guest: Beth Meacham

Attendance: 851

The Sheraton Tara in Framingham was a "castle" hotel: from the outside, it looked like a castle, with crenelations and towers, and on the inside, the decor was faux-English-country-estate, with lots of exposed brick, dark oak beams, and heraldic shields. About the biggest drawback was that most of the hotel's public spaces were dark; with all that dark oak and brick, not to mention a dark carpet, light was just sucked away.

The Cedar Grove Movement particularly enjoyed Molly Malone's, the hotel's pub (which also served snacks and more substantial fare).

Helmuth Speaking for Boskone notes that "This issue of Helmuth does not contain a call for any people interested in earning a T-shirt & being a gopher to report to People Mover at the Information Table."

Janice Gelb's Boskone 30 report

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