Darkover Grand Council 16

(Don - 88th)(Thomas - 88th)

1993: November 26-28

Holiday Inn, Timonium, MD

GOH: Elizabeth Moon
Artist GOH: Nancy Halpern


Hope springs eternal, and this year Don and Lisa Barnett made another try at a writers' workshop. This was more of a focussed effort, devoted only to writers, and included a number of quick-and-dirty exercises that could be done right there, rather than a continuing assignment. The session was moderately successful, and a few of the participants showed some willingness to continue working.

The workshop was scheduled directly after a panel called "Tips for Would-Be Professional Writers," which featured Don, Lisa, and Scott McMillan.

In addition, Don was on another panel, "When is it Politically Correct to be Politically Incorrect?" with Melissa Scott and Katherine Kurtz. The moderating skills of Carl Cipra prevented the panel from falling immediately into trite cliches, and it actually turned out to be a rather interesting discussion.

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