Boskone 31

(Don - 89th)(Thomas - 89th)

1994: 18-20 February

Sheraton Tara Hotel, Framingham, MA

GOH: Emma Bull & Will Shetterly
Official Artist: Nicholas Jainschigg
Special Guests: Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Attendance: 875

Don spent much of Boskone 31 being on panels with James MacDonald, Debra Doyle, or both. They had a lovely Saturday-afternoon Kaffeklatch with Jeff Carver, at which precisely two fans turned up; it became a freewheeling discussion of military protocol, bureaucratic snafus, and ways of combatting the two.

There was, of course, the wonderful "Long Live the Legion" panel, and Don also remembers a hilarious Sunday-afternoon panel with Esther Friesner, Camille Bacon-Smith, and Michael Swanwick. The pocket program gives the title as "Games Humans Play: What, Why, and Whereforth?" but Don knows that they didn't talk much about games. . . .

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