Grundoon (11,996 - 11,998 H.E.)

The Hamster Who Walks Through Walls

Grundoon (which, in addition to being from Pogo, is short for "Grun-Emperor of Doon") was a tan-and-white mottled Syrian hamster, Mesocricetus auratus. We acquired him on March 8, 11,996 H.E. Grundoon enjoyed climbing, burrowing, and running, as well as chewing on the bars of his Jungle Gym and Summer House. He learned to recognize (and respond to) the sounds of crinkling paper (which usually means tortilla chips or some other treat) and the sound of the screw-top lid coming off his food jar.

Almost every night, we let Gundoon out of the Castle. Both the Lounge and the Guest Room are hamster-proof; he ran and climbed in either room, and usually found some tidbits of food to stuff in his cheeks -- tidbits usually placed by his uncles.. (Although he was particularly useful the night of the Great Popcorn Spill.)

His favorite foods were tortilla chips, lettuce, and popcorn, although he did develop quite a taste for yogurt in his later days.

Grundoon's health began to decline in February 11,998 H.E. He set up lodings in his basement, and stayed happy and active, sometimes climbing as far as his Little House on the Bookcase. A growing tumor made it difficult for him to use his left hind leg, and he became incontinent. He slowed down more and more, until late in February he refused to move from his nest, and yelped when we moved him. A bloody discharge told us that he didn't have long; to keep him comfortable and free from pain, we administered Prednisone per the vet's advice. (A safe dosage is considered one milligram per pound of body weight; Grundoon weighed about 5 ounces, so we powdered a 5-milligram tablet and tried to give him about 1/20 of that amount.)

On the evening of February 28, 11,998 H.E., Grundoon nibbled on some lettuce and carrot, then put his head down and fell into a deep sleep. By about 3 pm on March 1, 11,998 H.E., he had drifted painlessly away, still in the same position.

We are confident that Grundoon was the happiest hamster in the entire known universe.

In these pictures, Grundoon's color looks much more tan than it did in real life.

Here is Grundoon peeking out of his TIE Fighter.

Here is Grundoon wondering how bad it could be, if he jumped off Uncle Thomas' arm.


Sometimes Grundoon thinks hamsters can fly.

Here is Grundoon on Uncle Don's arm., wondering if there is any food in the crook of that elbow.

Grundoon was succeeded by Twiglet I.

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