Capital Punishment

I once read a charming statement about Heaven and Hell from one of the church fathers of some denomination or other: "Because God is a just God, I believe that there is a Hell. And because God is a merciful God, I believe that Hell is empty."

Well, I think that sums up my feelings about capital punishment in the USA. Because we are a just society, I think we should have laws permitting capital punishment. And because we are a merciful society, I think that no one should ever be convicted under those laws.

Of course, one cannot be an absolutist. While I would prefer to be part of a society that does not administer capital punshment, in the case of a Timothy McVeigh or some other outrageous mass murderer, I will not stand in the way .

I've been challenged on this opinion by people who say, "How would you feel if someone in your family were murdered?" Well, if that were to happen, I would be in such an emotional state of rage and grief, that I know I would not be able to think rationally. And the justice system, which (in theory) is based on rational thought, would be quite correct in ignoring my emotional and irrational blatherings.

-Don Sakers (2/7/98)


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