The Seven Races of the Pylistroph

Coruma (singular, Corum): The Master Race: roughly Humanoid. Technologically advanced but not technocratic. Love the stars and draw most power from the suns. Ancestors of Humans, Metrinaire, Heloxans, Dolphins, etc.

Daamin (singular, Daam): The High Race: Small in number and stature, peaceful and philosophic. Direct ancestors of the Kien Khwei.

Hchevidiire (singluar Hchevidir): The Elder Race: Very large (elephant-size or larger). Live in mountainous regions and arctic tundra, sometimes used as beasts of burden by Coruma.

Evellan (singluar Evella): The Low Race: Arthropod-like, somewhat like Coruma but less inteligent. Less respected than the Coruma, sometimes enslaved by the Master Race, although this is prohibited in the Pylistroph. Longest-lived of the Animal Races. Ancestors of the Kaanese.

Kareffi (singular Kareff): Aquatic, ocean-dwelling, non-technological.

Talebba (singular Talebb): Crystalline, sessile intelligences with long life spans and appreciation of geological processes. Often spaceborne.

Hlutr (singular Hlut): Sessile plant intelligences, communicate by changing colors in leaves & skin, by sound, and by the Inner Voice. Light-sensitive, some varieties carnivorous, highly empathic. Ancestors of the Flets of Tyra Kiernath and all Scattered Worlds Hlutr.

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