The Coruma

Homeworld: Messilinia

The Coruma were one of the original Seven Races of the Pylistroph.

When Terra was seeded by a Pylistroph Seed Vessel, it was Coruman DNA that thrived. Thus, all life on Earth, including Humans, is patterned after the Coruma.

Little is known of the physical form of the race we call the Coruma. All that can positively be said is that they were humanoid, which is to say: they stood between 1.5 and 2.5 meters; they had two legs, two arms, and one head with the usual sensory apparatus, all arranged in bilateral symmetry; their metabolism was a warm-blooded, carbon-based one. They breathed, ate, digested, and excreted much as we do. Based on their number system, we suspect that they had six fingers on each hand, and probably six toes on each foot.

Other than those few physical facts, you may picture the Coruma as you wish. Do you want them to have trioptic vision, or two mouths, or paws instead of feet? Fine. Fine fur, feathers, webbed toes? Delightful. An extra knee joint or two, bony crests, cilia instead of teeth? You may decide for yourself.

We do know, however, that the Coruma,psychologically and sociologically, were very nearly exactly Human. They had two sexes, territorial instincts, mother love, curiosity, power hunger, altruism, and all the other qualities we associate with Humanity. Faced with natural phenomena, they first created a whole pantheon of gods to explain them, then stumbled into science. Faced with intelligent alien races, they made war on some, made friends with others, exploited still others -- and virtually ignored the rest.

-Mal Arin, Obryck Professor of Core Studies,
Akademii de Savoire, 24,588 H.E.

In truth, over the billions of years that the Coruman race existed, their physical form went through many changes, some of them quite profound; therefore, there is no "typical" Coruman physical appearance.



Reproduction: The Coruma engage in bisexual reproduction and give live birth, i.e. Humans.


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