The Flight of the Daamin

(also known as the Migration of the Daamin)

When the Gergathan proclaimed Mertorthar, many of the Daamin refused to yield allegiance to the repressive new government. Led by the Elder Ashli Sicne, and accompanied by many of their friends, several million Daamin fled to the Scattered Worlds, where they established a new home on the planet Nephestal. One of the Singing Stones was destroyed in the Flight.

The Flight of the Daamin was a central event in Daamin history. Even though a billion years of slow evolution permanently sundered the exiles from those who remained behind, the Daamin of Nephestal never forgot their lost home, and never stopped longing for the star-crowded skies of the Core.

(see also: Schism of the Hlutr)

A mythological treatment of the Migration appears in the Maak-datq Song Cycle

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