The Singing Stones

According to legend, the Singing Stones were delivered to the Daamin by the Elder Gods in the time before the Pylistroph.


The Stones were 21 in number, of many different colors and shapes. They produced music, music that was different for each listener, and which could not be captured on physical recording devices. Scientists later devoted millions of years to studying the Stones, and they discovered that one of the Stones' properties is that of being telepathic resonator/amplifiers. That is, they pick up, focus, and re-project all the thought patterns and emotions that occur anywhere in the Universe. The combined concert of all the Universe's minds comes out as the most pure music ever created.

The surviving Singing Stones are kept on Nephestal in Geva Elen, the Place of the Stones, before the Temple of All Worlds. (map). There, the Watchers of the Stones, a cadre of telepathic-sensitive volunteers, attempt to divine meaning from the music of the Singing Stones.

Through the millennia, some specific prophecies have come from study of the Stones.


Identification Color Description Size (cm) Fate
Migration Multicolored Pyramidal 3 destroyed in Migration of the Daamin
Talebba Clear Diamond 10 destroyed with the Lens
"Sea Jewel" Blue Sapphire 4 on Nephestal
"Stone of Blessed Harmony" Blood Ruby 6 on Nephestal
"Pleasing Melody" Yellow Amber 2 on Nephestal
"Resonance of the Stars" Green Emerald 5 on Nephestal
Aemallana/Kylvin Deep red Carbuncle 2 destroyed in Kylvin's Strike
Forriva's Stone Aqua Aquamarine 3 destroyed in Forriva's Strike
Hchevidiire Milky Pearl 1 Unknown
Kareffi Brown Smoky Quartz 4 Unknown
"Song of Joy" Pink Morganite 3 on Nephestal
Eilisgriph Clear Quartz 2 Eilisgriph
Hlutr Olive Peridot 5 Held by the Eldest Hlut
"Sungem" Incandescent Yellow Sun 5 on Nephestal
"Glorious Song" Green & Blue Small planet 10 on Nephestal
Evellan Irridescent light green Green pearl 1 Unknown
Gem of Avethell Light brown faceted 2 Mounted in Golden Throne
"Silver Jewel" Silver Silver 4 on Nephestal
"Stargem" Starlight full of stars 1 on Nephestal
"Moongem" Moonglow Small moon 1 on Nephestal
Coruma ("Nekiesh") Green fire flame 6 Unknown

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