Pictures from April 1997

A display in the main hall, featuring various Rose Art craft kits, Star Wars sheets, and a few assorted Kenner Deluxe figures.

You can see Thomas' lightsaber hanging on the wall above the display. He made this model out of a Graflex flash tube (a piece of 1950s photographic equipment), which was what Luke Skywalker's original lightsaber was made from in the movies.

A Darth Vader kite overlooks shelves containing Taco Bell prizes, new Kenner action figures, and a potpourri of other Star Wars material.

Left, a Star Wars model kit (in box) and our brain. Center, Galoob transforming playsets and Star Wars mice. Right, shelves with lots of stuff, mostly Tattooine-related: Kenner's radio-controlled sandcrawler, Kenner's Droid Factory, a Luke Skywalker 12-inch doll, Kenner's Rancor, some vinyl dolls from Applause, etc.

On the bottom shelf you can see the Ewok Attack Wagon and, behind it, Yoda wearing a Santa Claus hat.

Here's an Imperial Shuttle flanked by two TIE Interceptors, which hang in the main hall. On the wall you can see Thomas' lightsaber.

Those little bottles above the lightsaber are a portion of the Meerkat Meade beach collection.

A poor-quality shot of the Deathstar Trench Battle that occupies much of the main hall's ceiling. Darth Vader's TIE Fighter is flanked by two regular TIE fighters (one vintage 1978, the other 1996). They are chasing three X-Wings. In the distance, approaching us, are the Imperial Shuttle and TIE Interceptors from the previous picture.

Sorry about the picture quality; the hall is about ten meters long and very difficult to light for pictures.

These shelves in the hall hold mostly Taco Bell merchandise, Tiger electronic products, and the 1996/97 Kenner 12-inch dolls, in addition to the odd TIE Fighter or two. Some leaves from our tea plant partially obscure the lower shelves. It's a jungle out there!

Original photos by Thomas G. Atkinson.

Museum pictures from 1996.