Pictures from January 1998


Looking into the Museum from the Main Hall.

The R2-D2 cooler was given to the Museum by our dear friends, Bobby and Marty Gear.

R2-D2 is wearing a Dalek lampshade. (Apparently, it was SOME party!)


Thomas and one of his fans in the Museum. Notice the fighters in formation above his head.


At least R2-D2 has taken off his lampshade.



The Curator surrounded by his collection, brushing dust from a TIE fighter.

 This is our favorite picture of Thomas in the Museum.

 In the foreground you can see part of the British Death Star.


Here's a better shot of those ships in formation.


Don thinks it looks like they have just shot out the light fixture, and are racing away before it blows up.


Here's a long shot of the Museum, showing the new display case.

The shelves to the left have a display of the new Kenner action figures.

The display case has a display of the old Kenner action figures.

(The next picture is a little closer.)

Here's a closer view of the display case. It contains a complete set of the vintage Kenner Star Wars figures -- yes, including both Snaggletooths, red (short) and blue (tall); Yak Face ; and both versions of the original Han Solo (big head and little head).

 The die-cast TIE Bomber also lives in this display case, as does the Droid Factory and the Ewok Village Playset.

The R2-D2 cooler came with an adjustable shelf, originally designed to hold ice and sodas.

We decided that it was a perfect place for a display of little R2-D2s.

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