The Scattered Worlds


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before 2.4 billion BCE:

Scattered governments. Gergathan. Destruction of Messilinia.

c. 2.4 billion BCE:

Gergathan calls Coruma back to Messilinia. Founding of the Pylistroph.

2.4 - 1.2 billion BCE:

The Pylistroph. Seed vessels. Psi experimentation. Hlutr colonize the Scattered Worlds.

1.2 billion BCE:

Gergathan conquers the Pylistroph. Mertorthar, first great Core empire. Flight of the Daamin and Schism of the Hlutr.

c. 600 million BCE:

Empire of the Iaranor. Founding of the Galactic Riders. Destroyed by Mertorthar.
Gergathan proclaims Garadhros.
Pylistroph Seed Vessel passes & infects Terra.

c. 600 million - 22 million BCE:

Garadhros develops teleportation, subdues developing cultures in other galactic cores.

c. 22 million BCE:

Virgo Cultures defeat Garadhros. Gergathan conquered. Peace.

c. 22 - 21 million BCE:

Interregnum. Gergathan slowly regains power.
Lirith & Jel Haran.

c. 21 million BCE:

Gergathan proclaims Diebethar. Defeat of Virgo Cultures and all other Cores.

5.2 million BCE:

Avethellan Empire assaults & conquers Diebethar.Scattered & Gathered Worlds reunited under the rule of Aemallana. The Golden Throne.

5.19 million BCE:

Avethell falls to treachery. Aemallana lost. Gergathan proclaims Malreppidar.
Golden Throne preserved by Galactic Riders.

c. 3 million BCE:

Malreppidar develops intercontinuual travel, founds outposts in nearby continuua. Deserted Worlds of the New Continuum wiped out.

2.7 million BCE:

Tributary state of Malreppidar in adjacent continuum revolts & seriously damages Gergathan. Fall of Malreppidar.
Kohlenebian Empire survives in the Scattered Worlds as a remnant of Malreppidar. Rigid, totalitarian. Shunned by Galactic Riders & Free Peoples. Falls c. 2.3 million BCE.

c. 1.63 million BCE:

Dorascan Empire. Previous tributary state of Avethell. Fell c. 1.58 million BCE.

c. 900,000 BCE:

Gergathan proclaims Kaylpeskrit. Marpethtal (destroyed c. 300,000 by Kaylpeskrit.)

c. 800,000 BCE:

Empire of the Miethara. Previous tributary state of Avethell. Golden throne restored to Kree by Galactic Riders. Dissolved c. 760,000 BCE.

c. 300,000 BCE:

Kaylpeskrit defeats Marpethtal.

c. 10,000 BCE - AD 2153 (1 - 12,153 HE):

Pre-Imperial Terra.

AD 2153 - AD 2624 (12,153 - 12,624 HE):

First Terran Empire

AD 2624 - AD 10,724 (12,624 - 20,724 HE):

(Earth Continuum) Interregnum
(New Continuum/Secondary Spaces) Federation of Families

AD 10,724 - AD 14,356 (20,724 - 24,356 HE):

Second Terran Empire

AD 14,356 - ? (24,356 - ? HE):

Maturity of the Human Race

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